Elements of Beautiful Farewell®

  • Consultative arrangement process that identifies the beautiful elements of their life
  • Design a service that reflects their values and celebrates the life they lived
  • Select a beautiful venue and enhance it with flowers and memorabilia
  • Choose beautiful music to warm your heart and help recall special memories
  • Choose the perfect funeral celebrant with the ability to tell the story of a life well lived
  • Select innovative merchandise that adds beauty to event
  • Plan for a beautiful moment to conclude the farewell experience

Completely Customised Beautiful Farewells in Sydney

Consider a truly unique event by having a Beautiful Farewell on Sydney Harbour, a Beautiful Farewell with Water Views or a Beautiful Farewell with Country Charm. Click the images below to learn more. Or contact us about creating a completely customized Beautiful Farewell for your family.

All Beautiful Farewells are backed by our exclusive 7 point guarantee.

Plan a Beautiful Farewell for yourself or a loved one today.

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